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ID: GXB13001

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Gong Xiaobin
Young and Excellent

No. A3001
Name: Gong Xiaobin
Born In: 19xx
Level: National
Number of Works:20

Member of National Calligrapher Association
Representative of Fifth Congress of National Calligraphers Association
The First Batch of Influential Representatives of the Bashu Style Paintings
Distinguished Calligrapher of Bashu Painting and Calligraphy Institute
Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Mianyang City Calligrapher Association


Major works were awarded or selected in:

Gold Medal of "GaoHen Cup" National Calligraphy Art Exhibition(ZheJiang, National Calligraphers Association)
First, Second and Third Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award Show£¨National Calligraphers Association£©
Bronze Award of National Second Fan Exhibition£¨National Calligraphers Association£©
Silver Award of National Third Fan Exhibition£¨National Calligraphers Association£©
Third Prize of First National Running Script Exhibition(ZheJiang, National Calligrapher Association)
Third Prize of The First National Session Cursive Exhibition(ZheJiang, National Calligrapher Association)
National Award of the Second National Album Exhibition (Beijing, National Calligrapher Association)
Excellence Award of First "WanBeiMeiDian Cup" National Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Grand Prix (AnHui, National Calligrapher Association)
Excellence Award of First " Into Qinghai" National Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Competition
Excellence Award of First "3 Great Exhibition" of Hangzhou Xiling Seal Society
First Sichuan XieWuliang Creation Award(Chengdu, Sichuan Calligrapher Association)

Gong Xiaobin's Pictures:



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