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Pan Chuan
Young and Smart

No. A3016
Name: Pan Chuan
Born In: 19xx
Level: National
Number of Works:20


Born in 1983 in Shandong;

2006, Oil Painting Department of Central Fine Art Academy
2011, Master of Chinese Painting of the Central Fine Art Academy

2006, Involved in the artistic creation of Tangshan Earthquake Memorial
2006, Her work "Prayer" and "Home" was sent Singapore to participate in "80 Young and New Work Exhibition"

2007, "Panchuan Solo Exhibition" was held in Changsha.
2008, Her work "Waiting for the bus" participated in the National Chinese Painting Group Exhibition
2009, Her work "Home" participated in the national large-scale art exhibition "Unite as one"

2010, She participated "Goodbye Ink" Exhibition in Art District of Beijing
2010, Her work "Wei Xing Bian Fa" was collected by Guangdong Fushan City Art Museum

2011, Graduation work "Fisherman October" was awarded Outstanding Creative Award and collected by the Central Fine Art Academy
2011, Her work "City Rhythm" was awarded Yilian scholarship and collected by the Central Fine Art Academy

2012, Her work "Fishermen Series" participated in the second session of the Chinese Painting Festival
2012, Her work "Public Servant Qualities of Yangshan Zhou" was collected by Yangshan Zhou Memorial of Yunnan Baoshan City

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