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ID: WYQ3001

ID: WYQ3002



Wu Ying Qiang
The Famous Painter in China

No. A3001
Name: Wu Ying Qiang
Born In: 19xx
Level: National
Number of Works:20

Member of National Artist Association
National A-level Artists
Vice-Chairman of Sichuan Province Artist Association
Chairman of Mianyang Artist Association
National Top-notch Export


Born in Guanyang city of Sichuan Province in 1952. He graduated from Sichuan Art Academy in 1977.

The artworks were invited to participate in national art exhibitions of more than 30 times. He has won the national gold medal and the first prize of provincial. CCTV has produced entitled "Wu YingQiang's Tibet Complex" interview.

Wu Ying Qiang's Pictures:



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