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Zhang Jiang Jing

No. A3008
Name: Zhang Jiang Jing
Born In: 19xx
Level: National
Number of Works:20

Member of National Artist Association
Member of National Calligraphers Association
Member of HeNan Artist Association
Academic Committee of Henan Painting and Calligraphy Institute
Vice-chairman of Luoyang Artist Association
Director of Luoyang Calligraphy Association
Distinguished Painter of Luoyang Art Academy
Art Master of China Art Institute


Major works were awarded or selected in :

First Award of Landscape Painting Art Exhibition of Henan Province
Boutique Award of The First Chinese Painting JinJing Exhibition of Henan Province
Outstanding Award of Second National Chinese Painting Exhibition
Silver Award of Henan Province Tenth Art Exhibition
First Award of Henan Province Eleventh Art Exhibition
National Fifth Calligraphy and Seal Carving Exhibition
National Fifth Middle-aged Calligraphy and Seal Carving Artist Exhibition
Second National Popular Literature Style and Popular Seal Style Exhibition
First National Fine Arts Exhibition of Chinese Art Jincai Award
Eleventh National Fine Arts Exhibition
The 2002 National Chinese Painting Exhibition
Fifth National Sports Art Exhibition

Works Published: Rong Bao Zhai Press "Zhang Jian . Jin Ink Tense . Chinese New Ink Series"

Zhang Jiang Jing's Pictures:



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