Zhao Heng Yuan
Professor, Educator and Calligraphy Artist

No. A3003
Name: Zhao Heng Yuan
Born In: 19xx
Level: National
Number of Works:20

Member of National Calligraphers Association
Professor of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

He engaged in calligraphy education and creation of more than twenty years.
He were awarded the second prize in the National Youth Calligraphy Education, first prize of the calligraphy guidance of the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Province the Calligraphy Education Gardener Award.

His works were awarded and invited to the national fourth, sixth Seal Cutting Art Exhibition, First International Seal Cutting Calligraphy Exhibition of XiLin Community and First Chinese Seal Carving Exhibition.

His calligrapher works, seal cutting works, papers and deeds were published in Contemporary Seal Cutting Dictionary, China Oracle Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Dictionary, China Calligraphy, Calligraphy News, Calligraphy Guide News, Beijin Digest News and more.

He edited the published CaiZhuXu Regular Script Copybook , ZhaoHengYuan Pen Regular Script Copybook, ZhaoHengYuan&ZhaoWenXi Calligraphic Works Calendar(2008), ZhaoHengYuan Calligraphy Studio Award-winning Portfolio, ZhaoHengYuan Calligraphy and more.

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Major Works

ID: ZHY3001

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